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SEL designs, develops, tests, and deploys complete supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and control your systems or processes.

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IndigoSCADA is a powerful SCADA useful for small custom projects where MODBUS, DNP 3, OPC DA 2.05, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 has to be used.

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Paying the price of updating your current software means you’ll keep everything you’ve grown accustomed to. However you could get more bang for your buck if you buy new SCADA software that offers more features and benefits than you currently get with your existing software.

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In the information-driven manufacturing industry, having a SCADA system that’s limited by a single client license can prove to be problematic. Fosta- Tek Optics was feeling the limitations of their old SCADA system so they decided to look for another solution.

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Choosing the right SCADA software for a project can be a challenge for any company. When you are planning your next project, consider these 14 points when comparing SCADA software applications to find the right fit.


The value of a hammer is judged by how well it drives a nail and the quality of a shovel is assessed by its utility in digging a hole efficiently. Likewise, the value of an HMI / SCADA project is derived from how well it can perform the task it was created to do.


Vista Control System’s Vsystem runs on and is the same product on eight computer platforms, including Windows® NT/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Solaris, Tru-64 UNIX, OpenVMS (VAX, Alpha and Itanium), and Concurrent’s PowerMaxOS and RedHawk. Vsystem is based on an open software architecture.

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It's a simple OPC viewer with support OPC DA2 and configurable operator displays. Also it support VBS in display forms. Intericas looks like small SCADA and can be used in automation control system.

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PowerLogic SCADA software combines power monitoring and energy management expertise with industry leading technology for HMI/ SCADA application. The results, software that delivers a reliable and high performance monitoring and control solution to industries where reducing outages and increasing power efficiency is critical.

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ICONICS GENESIS64 is a suite of products that provides a quick deployment platform that integrates all available plant and business data into a high performance, real-time, distributed platform. GENESIS64 includes all of the tools necessary to create and deliver rich visualization of actionable information, in real-time, anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime.

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Whatever your knowledge level and feelings about SQL databases, one thing is clear: A general misunderstanding and mistrust of SQL databases exists in the controls system community. Not only can SQL databases work effectively with SCADA, but utilizing SQL unlocks the full potential of what SCADA software can do.


The design phase is the point in the project development process when the success of your project is most vulnerable; it is also the point when your project can go from ordinary to extraordinary. The danger of getting lost in endless development work can bloat your project beyond its original budget, threatening to spiral your timeline out of control.


Have you ever been working on a project and wished that you had an extra pair of hands to get all the development work done? Now with the release of Ignition v7.4 – the innovative web-based HMI / SCADA / MES software by Inductive Automation – you can multiply your efforts with powerful timesaving features.

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Designing a new HMI / SCADA project can be an exciting and rewarding journey. The road to a successful project can also be a difficult one to navigate because of the potential problems that can derail your progress.


The GENESIS64 suite includes several solutions that allow for connectivity from plant floor and building facilities to corporate business systems. Designed from the ground up and taking advantage of 64-bit, OPC-UA, .

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Integrating wireless instrumentation with SCADA systems can drive operational efficiency and reduce deployment costs. The use of wireless instruments in pipelines and gas production operations has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

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The Elecsys zONeGUARD is a simple to install, drop-in hardware system that enables legacy field devices to communicate securely with the master SCADA control center and/or industrial control system via private and public networks, without causing disruption of operations or data integrity.

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Trend Web Viewer Client, Trend Web Components, Trend Web Functions, Trend Web Configurator, HTTP Web Server.

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Reports of cyber attacks are a common occurrence. However, many attacks go unreported for a variety of reasons, including avoidance of negative publicity. Successful cyber attacks go undetected or are only detected after the damage has been done. Computer networks are probed and attacked millions of times a day.

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With the release of V7.20, CitectSCADA software now provides you with an even more complete picture of your process than ever before. Take advantage of improvements in operating system technologies with the addition of support for Microsoft Windows 7.

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While operators of the past were trained to function in their roles with in-depth linear knowledge and to continually follow the process within established guidelines, the operator’s role has evolved significantly with advancements in technology.

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Powerful HMI, SCADA and OEE/Dashboard Development Software designed for deployment anywhere.

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vMonitor is the industry leader for remote monitoring and control, offering the most advanced hardware and software technology. We are enabling the next generation of the smart digital oil field for a variety of oil and gas applications. vMSCADA enhances the TOTALACCESS software suite by adding visual customization to its products.

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When one analyzes any SCADA system, there are four key functions that are to be assessed in relation to the utility’s needs. Monitoring, Control, Storage of Data in an appropriate database, and the ability to provide suitable Reports.

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Our management system is an intelligent control and monitoring system that enables you to safely and conveniently control your installation systems. Whether for power engineering or the range of switchboard control, whatever you need and wherever you are: our management system will be the connecting link. A host computer, the so-called "control centre" gathers up all data from where you can e.


Infilink HMI provides you with the tools to design and implement a custom interface for any process. Infilink offers interface solutions for PLCs, transmitters, sensors, remote I/O, and other process devices.

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DAQFactory is the complete data acquisition, process control, and data analysis solution. With DAQFactory you can take data at precise time intervals, store your data to disk, broadcast it over a network, display it on your own custom designed screen, automate your process, and analyze your data.


CT HMI is built using today's latest Java technology and offers a consistent drag-and-drop environment that minimizes typing and drawing. CT HMI objects are both graphically and functionally dynamic. So when you drop them in the design window, they appear and function exactly as they will in the runtime environment.

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Using a standard Web browser, users can view and control automation equipment used in industrial, manufacturing, process and building automation systems. Data is displayed to users in real-time with dynamically updated graphics using full-motion animation.

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Easy, Open and Powerful software interface designed for operational, maintenance and management needs in mission-critical applications.

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TopView Software is a comprehensive, cost-effective alarm management and notification tool that is being used successfully wherever data measurements need to be monitored, such as in water and wastewater, electric power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing, building management, chemical, pulp and paper, research, communication, transportation, IT, and system performance.

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The FAST/TOOLS package is a powerful, up-to-date, flexible, distributed operations information and control software package. It is available in three languages - English, French and German It is a leading system package for operations control and information integration with business systems and is available on a wide range of industry standard platforms.

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CitectSCADA delivers the most reliable, flexible and high performance control and monitoring system, that enables you to increase ROA by reducing your operating costs and maximizing productivity. V7.0 allows you to make significant cost savings and to improve operational efficiencies, by optimizing system utilization across your plant. Reflecting the latest technology, V7.

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There are many ways to achieve the good design of tailored automation solutions, tailoring them to customers’ wishes and adapting them to the most varied of requirements. The possibilities range from direct programming in the PLC using scripts, through to external tools.

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Modern production processes are, like the machines and systems used in them, characterized by considerably increased complexity. The interface between these complex systems and the people that monitor and control them plays a key role in the management of these processes.

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InduSoft Web Studio is the most powerful collection of e-automation development tools offering Web and wireless integration on the market today. You can use InduSoft Web Studio to create native Windows NT/2000/XP/CE/CE.NET and Web-based HMI/ SCADA applications — with no other tools required.

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Advantech WebAccess is fully web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). All the features found in conventional HMI and SCADA software packages are available in an ordinary Web browser including Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs.


ICSCADA Web based SCADA system can be used to gather data directly from the wellhead RTU, store and review gas analysis information and keep maintenance records for frequency of calibration. Several tools designed to verify and calculate manual input data are available in a network based enterprise application.

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The COPA DATA Innovation by Tradition catalogue is based on zenOn 6.20, the following features have now been included in release 6.21 and 6.22, this supplement describes these important additional capabilities.

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Where security is paramount, RealFlex 6 provides both a server and HMI on a QNX6 operating system. The Photon runtime HMI provides the user with a superior graphical control and monitoring system. Microsoft Windows users have the option of using RealFlex’s FlexView HMI. This gives the user the comfort of a secure QNX platform while benefiting from working in a familiar environment.

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This document describes the basic procedures for cabling and configuring the Hyper SCADA Server models HSS002-1 and HSS002-2. The instructions provided are for a “typical” setup.

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Renowned for the development and application of SCADA and HMI solutions, Citect by Schneider Electric is evolving into a tier-one solutions provider. The ability to develop powerful and reliable industrial software capable of withstanding the rigors of large-scale operations is one of our core strengths.


The benefits of “going SCADA” are undeniable – the increased efficiency in your production system that is gained through SCADA’s monitoring and control features means lower costs, higher productivity and increased profitability for your business.

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Unlike many older SCADA packages, Prodigy systems do not require compiling before they can be run. By using the latest in object oriented design techniques, any changes you make within Prodigy can be applied instantly. This instant design-to-run mode switching makes Prodigy more interactive and significantly reduces development time.

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Proficy Pulse from GE Intelligent Platforms brief brochure.


Telemetric Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems promise tremendous efficiency and reliability advantages for remote industrial operations, but their implementation can seem a daunting challenge. Telemetry and wireless technologies have made monitoring systems possible in applications that were previously too remote or distributed for conventional cabling.


The SCADA Data Gateway (SDG) collects data from OPC Server, IEC 60870-5, DNP3, or Modbus Slave devices and then supplies this data to other control systems supporting OPC Client, IEC 60870-5, DNP3, and/or Modbus communication protocols.

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Industrial Defender’s RTAP SCADA platform, coupled with our highly experienced service capabilities, produce a truly powerful and secure SCADA solution – one that can manage the automation challenges seen in today’s critical infrastructure such as: power generation and transmission, oil & gas production and pipelines, water distribution and treatment and rail and metro transportation.

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RTAP is a proven supervisory control platform in thousands of installations worldwide. We maintain relationships with a global roster of solution partners who have the training and expertise to create a system that meets your requirements.

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Advantech eAutomation Quick Start Guide.


Advantech GeniDAQ takes maximum advantage of Windows multitasking capabilities to enhance your system performance. No matter how complex your display is, it speeds up task scanning by separating time-consuming display drawing from I/O scanning and by raising the scan priority of a task. In addition, it provides parallel scanning for each task.


The Sellwood HMI is a powerful PC based HMI / SCADA application for the Mitsubishi FX PLC. This easy to use program empowers you to build a human interface for your process in a few minutes that really looks good and everyone will rave about. This is the quick and easy HMI for a Mitsubishi FX PLC that will save you time and money.

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Oxalis is a visualization module working as a HDA OPC client, which means that any graphics containing data owned by an HDA (Historical Data Access) OPC server (OLE for Process Control) can be displayed.

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Phocus has been designed to meet the most demanding process monitoring and control system requirements. This powerful SCADA and HMI software package provides many features not normally associated with PC based solutions. It is cost effective and is priced to be competitive with rival packages based on other less reliable platforms.


Looking for a data integration and interface management product that requires no programming? BridgeWorX will automatically exchange data between devices and enterprise systems. Easily create reliable systems for batch management, lot tracking, traceability and more, with no scripting.

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The Award winning GENESIS32 is the industry's first and only fully scalable suite of OPC Web-enabled HMI and SCADA applications.

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Tatsoft updates FactoryStudio HMI/SCADA software

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User protocol based library for OpenSCADA

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Movicon 11.3 Build 1104 now on release

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