New version of Zenon 7.10

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With concepts such as "setting parameters instead of programming" and the smooth integration of zenon with existing automation and IT infrastructures, Copa-Data have been pursuing the ergonomic ideal since zenon was first developed. zenon 7.10 takes this concept one step further, placing the user even more firmly at its heart. More ergonomics for the project engineer Ergonomics in zenon begins with the continuous development environment of the entire product family and simple, intuitive setting of parameters. The application is thereby protected from manipulation; the project engineer can rely on secure system settings and focus on other tasks.

For the zenon user, ergonomics is delivered in intuitive and safe operation, smooth and comprehensive information collection and processing, numerous graphical possibilities and individualization potential. Zenon 7.1 have a native Multi-Touch operating concept, which supports Windows 8 and provides all of the associated gestures as standard. Decide for yourself which Multi-Touch gestures should be available for selection in which screen, and thereby adapt your system to suit your accustomed way of working. The highlights of zenon 7.10:

  • Enhanced Batch Control module with touch support in Runtime and integration into the Report Viewer for seamless documentation of batch processes.
  • Comprehensive production reporting: as of now, the Report Viewer has complete access to the recipe management in zenon. The entire production reporting of all vital data – such as alarms, Audit Trail or historical and online data – is thereby delivered by a single tool.
  • Know-how protection in the zenon Editor: important elements of a zenon project can be locked for certain users via the user administration. Applications are thereby protected from manipulation.
  • Improved performance when reading and displaying large amounts of data, particularly in the Extended Trend module.
  • Auto-zoom in the Extended Trend module.
  • Direct import of variables from the new SIMATIC STEP 7 version of the Siemens TIA portal.
  • Everywhere App by zenon with Everywhere Server: HMI/SCADA App for Smartphones and tablets for Windows Phone and iOS.
  • Native Multi-Touch support under Windows 8.
  • 64-bit version.
  • SQL Server 2012 and Windows 8 support.
  • New drivers: such as ICCP Tase, DNP3_NG, Steriflow and KUKA.


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