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It is widely known that HMI/SCADA systems that are not web-based, have difficulty in sending their large graphic files across the Internet. IntegraXor uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for graphic animation. SVG is an XML-based graphics file format for the Web allowing it to maintain it's small size and resolution. We have developed and patented a method for real-time SVG animation. This technology is built into IntegraXor for visualization of processes and real-time data. Go ahead - install IntegraXor on a Windows-based system, develop your project and use a web browser to view and control your SCADA applications from anywhere in the world. Currently, we support Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5. You will need to install Adobe SVG Viewer for viewing SVG in Internet Explorer.

Project Editor

Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage HMI/SCADA applications. IntegraXor's Project Editor is used to create projects, configure devices, tags/points, alarms, database logging, users, server-side scripts and others. Explorer-style interface allow for easy management of project configuration and data. Project data are contained in a single directory for easy backup and restore. Inkscape SAGE is the tool for drawing graphics and configuring animation based on your real-time data. Inkscape is a vector graphics editor used to draw impressive photorealistic graphics while SAGE (SCADA Animation GUI Editor) is an add-on to attach real-time animations based on SCADA data to the drawn graphics. Use Inkscape SAGE to draw graphics and configure animations such as Bar (Level), Color, Rotate, Opacity, Slider, Tooltip, Script, Get Tag, Set Tag and many others. Combined with HTML scripts and functionality, front-end SCADA screens are limited only by imagination.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is used to access data in various relational and non-relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and many others. IntegraXor can log data based on timer or on update. Setup and configure your logging using IntegraXor's Project Editor.

Alarms and event management

Flexible alarm and event triggering, routing, filtering and sorting capabilities. The alarm will be logged and the alarm message will be displayed when a process data meets a predefined condition. We have included a standard alarm viewer in the project template which will be added when a new project is created. Use the alarm viewer to acknowledge alarms as well as view historical alarms.


SCADA Products

Tibbo systems
2015-08-20 14:23:25views: 2535

AggreGate SCADA/HMI is a system for visualizing and operating processes, production flows, machines and plants.

2014-03-13 15:53:48views: 3224

Experion SCADA is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for HMI and SCADA. Experion provides a highly scalable, integrated, multi-server SCADA system with the highest level of reliability, safety and security in a complete SCADA solution.

mySCADA Technologies
2014-03-11 11:22:13views: 3713

mySCADA is complete unified multi-platform SCADA/HMI solution for monitoring, control and analysis of technological systems. With integrated architecture built on open standards, mySCADA can easily adopt to every level of visualization currently needed.

2014-03-11 11:22:13views: 2852

groov is simple and mobile web-based operator interface system from Opto 22 company. groov easily connects to almost everything, requires only a web browser to build and view interfaces. Because it puts ready-made gadgets at your fingertips and requires zero programming, it’s simple to build, deploy, and view effective and 100% scalable operator interfaces.

2014-03-05 16:39:59views: 3655

WinCC is designed modular and makes possible both demanding single-user applications in mechanical engineering as well as complex multi-user solutions or distributed systems in plant visualization. Simatic WinCC SCADA 7.

2014-02-06 16:54:26views: 2558

PROMOTIC is a complex SCADA object software tool for creating applications that monitor, control and display technological processes in various industrial areas. PROMOTIC designed for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/XPe/2003 operation systems, allows effective creation of distributed and open applications in various industrial branches.

2013-07-03 12:10:04views: 3631

Zenon is an open-design, object-oriented industrial automation application. It is used by many companies around the world for process visualization, as a human/machine interface (HMI) and as a process control system (SCADA). Its openness makes fast, efficient interfaces with any hardware or software possible.

2013-06-06 15:43:07views: 2270

Reliance is a professional SCADA/HMI system designed for the visualization and control of industrial processes and for building automation. The Reliance 4 Design development environment is intended for creating and editing visualization projects (applications). The runtime software is a program designed to run a visualization project on the end user's computer.

Vista Control System
2012-06-13 00:35:46views: 1593

Vista Control Systems Vsystem is a collection of comprehensive, real-time, networked process control software tools known for performance and scalability, openness, support and training, and cross-platform/cross-version application.

2012-06-12 23:53:43views: 3129

IndigoSCADA uses the signals and slots language construct, introduced in Qt, which makes it easy to implement the observer pattern. DCS - SCADA running on Linux and Windows. Development environment C/C++. HMI is based on QT library. Different technologies (EiC, GigaBASE, FastDB, ORTE) have been integrated. OPC DA 2.05a, AE 1.10, HDA 1.20, DNP 3.0, RFC 1006, Modbus are supported.

Features of IntegraXor

Operation SystemsWindows XP, Vista or Windows 7
ReportsIntegraXor leveraged on web browser that can easily have the displayed data printed on client side.
TrendsIntegraXor uses Java Applet to plot a trending graph. Trending requires database to be running at server. After database is configured, to plot a trend for a tag is as simple as selecting the database
Web InterfaceYes
Demo versionYes
Web InterfaceWeb Browser is required for viewing as a client. Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome 3.0+, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+
Mimic & GraphicUse Inkscape SAGE to draw graphics and configure animations such as Bar (Level), Color, Rotate, Opacity, Slider, Tooltip, Script, Get Tag, Set Tag and many others.
Scripts & CodeJavaScript

SCADA Articles

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

ICS/SCADA experts say open-source network security monitoring software is a simple and cheap way to catch hackers targeting plant operations. Operators at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran might well have caught Stuxnet before it spread and sabotaged operations at the plant if they had been watching the wires for anomalous network traffic, a pair of ICS/SCADA experts say.

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Russian researchers have found vulnerabilities in industrial control systems that they say grant full control of systems running energy, chemical and transportation systems. The vulnerabilities were discovered by researchers who over the last year probed popular and high-end ICS and SCADA systems used to control everything from home solar panel installations to critical national infrastructure.

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

Annual threat report from Dell Security shows not only a significant surge in the number of attacks on retail credit card systems, but industrial SCADA systems as well, which are much more likely to go unreported.
For Dell to report an annual surge in point-of-sale (POS) attacks aimed at payment card infrastructures might not be such a surprise to people who pay any attention to the news.

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

Invensys is kicking off the conference “The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now” and underscoring the ‘revolution’ concept with the release of its Wonderware InTouch 2014 and Wonderware System Platform 2014 software.

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

The useful integration of video with industrial control systems has been a reality for a few years, but a burst of applications and installations is on the horizon. Cheaper bandwidth, wide availability of Internet protocol (IP) cameras, and greater familiarity with industrial Ethernet networks seem to be driving user interest. Basic video integration is just easier now, but good use of video takes some planning.

Tatsoft updates FactoryStudio HMI/SCADA software

2015-05-10 12:51:20 views: 2695

Status Enterprise Version 3.4 Now Available

2015-05-09 15:17:38 views: 1767

User protocol based library for OpenSCADA

2015-05-09 14:48:26 views: 1945

Tatsoft announced FactoryStudio Release 3

2015-05-09 14:14:12 views: 2035

Movicon 11.3 Build 1104 now on release

2014-03-01 15:19:17 views: 2304

New version of the PROMOTIC 8.2.14

2014-02-06 16:56:10 views: 2307

New version of TeslaModbusSCADA

2013-06-21 11:52:11 views: 2427

New version of Zenon 7.10

2013-06-06 13:50:47 views: 2746