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Baltika Masters Brewing Automation with Invensys MES

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Baltika Masters Brewing Automation with Invensys MES

Baltika Breweries is the largest beer producer in Russia with a 41 percent market share and a production capacity of 50 million hectoliters per year. The company maintains brewing sites throughout Russia as well as in Azerbaidjan. With its extensive product portfolio of 30 beer and 10 non-beer brands and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide, Baltika needed a technology solution that would enable it to better manage manufacturing and maintain accurate production records. Management’s overall goal was to reduce costs per unit through improved equipment performance, less material loss, better supply chain processes from distributor warehouses and tight controls on production costs. Baltika outlined very specific system design parameters for the new automated software solution including a modular, scalable platform that would enable the company to expand its manufacturing capabilities to keep pace with market demand. The automation solution also had to provide an open architecture that could easily integrate with current and future third-party systems, lower overall maintenance costs and keep engineering expenses to a minimum.

Working with Vent Company, a Wonderware certified system integrator, the implementation of the Wonderware MES solution began in 2007 at Baltika’s Samara facility. The Invensys solutions installed included Wonderware InTouch HMI for process visualization, Wonderware Equipment Operations Module for tracking and traceability, Wonderware Information Server for corporate-wide access to data, and Wonderware MES/Performance software to collect, track and communicate real-time equipment performance and efficiency information and KPIs. The foundation of these powerful Invensys technology components is Wonderware System Platform, which provides Baltika with a single, scalable platform for all SCADA, supervisory HMI and MES applications required by the company.

The scope of the project based on the Invensys solution included successfully integrating the MES system with the brewery’s existing ProLeiT process control system as well as with various control systems that manage Baltika’s filling line machines from different equipment suppliers. The first stage targeted several operational and performance functions including the plant’s supervisory control systems to address downtime control and efficiency analysis for the filling shop. The solution also was to manage genealogy and traceability functions for the production process and the industrial database for process data storage. In addition, a Web portal would be established for publishing reports that could be accessed company-wide. The scope of facilities operations to be managed by Wonderware software was quite extensive and included the production laboratory, elevator and warehouses as well as malt preparation, boiling, brewing and filtration shops. In total, more than 200 pieces of equipment needed to be run by the Invensys solution. To provide extensive visualization of the entire brewing operations, Wonderware InTouch was the software of choice. Wonderware InTouch provides Baltika plant operators real-time views of the production processes to ensure all lines are functioning at optimum levels. The Wonderware InTouch screens at each operator station provide sophisticated graphic visualization displays detailing operational status throughout the entire manufacturing process, from brewing to packaging.

Wonderware InTouch also offers features that were not available to operations management by the prior system including resolution-independent graphics and intelligent symbols that enable direct interaction with the processing system. The technology also includes sophisticated scripting to extend and customize applications for the company’s specific needs, real-time distributed alarming with historical views for analysis, and built-in, real-time and historical trending for reporting and analysis of operations efficiency. Not only are plant managers at the Samara facility now able to access critical production data, but so can executives at the company’s headquarters in St. Petersberg. Using Wonderware Information Server, decision-makers throughout the company can quickly gain visibility to production operations through Web reports published in the Wonderware Information Server. As an integrated Web server, Wonderware Information Server simplifies the organization and delivers operations information for use across all functions in Baltika’s organization. Baltika also employs the Wonderware Equipment Operations Module to capture real-time process data and provide detailed batch data reports for analysis. With the Wonderware Equipment Operations Module, Baltika can track each raw material that is used during the brewing process.

The software also captures traceability records which enable rapid response from plant operators to events such product recalls. In addition, the software’s recipe management system enables the brewer to control ingredients in a more precise way and provides product development genealogy that enables the company to track problems back to the source if necessary. Paired with the Wonderware System Platform, a comprehensive industrial software platform for SCADA, HMI and MES applications, Wonderware Equipment Operations Module provides comprehensive data management and seamless interaction with the Wonderware InTouch HMI and other plant floor visualization systems.

Link: doc/WonderwareBaltikaBreweries.pdf

SCADA Projects

Powerful visualization for premium tire production at Pirelli Deutschland GmbH

Tires are high-tech products – that is particularly true for high and highest performance tires used in sports and race cars. Pirelli has been synonymous for quality and reliability in that specialist market segment for decades.

Pirelli developed the MIRS technology (Modular Integrated Robotized System) about 15 years ago, and implemented it in 2000.

Bio Fuel Project Using VTScada

Custom Controls Unlimited Inc. of Raleigh, North Carolina was invited to assist on a global warming initiate in their state. The waste-to-energy demonstration was developed through support from Duke Energy, Duke University, and Google with additional funding from state and federal grants. This unique application has received international interest. Cavanaugh & Associates, P.A.

Baltika Masters Brewing Automation with Invensys MES

Baltika Breweries is the largest beer producer in Russia with a 41 percent market share and a production capacity of 50 million hectoliters per year. The company maintains brewing sites throughout Russia as well as in Azerbaidjan.

Wireless Telemetry for oil field pumps, tank batteries and pipelines

CNW is a company owning oil pipelines, transfer pumps, oil wells and tank batteries in the Oklahoma City area. For several years they have used RFScada equipment at several stand alone locations which typically have a tank battery being supplied from remote pumps; the original RFScada equipment was primarily used to prevent tanks from overflowing.

Reclaimed Water Irrigation System

A reclaimed (reuse) irrigation system is utilized at a Golf Course Community for the purpose of residential lawn and golf course watering. The SCADA system we installed monitors and controls various processes. The system incorporates three (3) RTUs located at an Irrigation Pump Station, a Supplemental Well Pumping Station, and a Reclaimed Water Supply Station.

Zenon on BMW

The BMW Group has chosen to use zenOn software solutions for their plants world-wide, with immediate effect. The reason for this long-term decision—zenOn has already proven its value in daily use and BMW are confident it could increase efficiency and productivity considerably across their plants.

Stormwater System

Water restrictions, pollution control, volume balances, and the emergence of stormwater collection have lead to yet another use for SCADA Systems. The SCADA System we installed automates the pumping of collected stormwater from multiple pump stations to a storage location. The overall operation is similar to a sewer collection system.

Austrian Airlines Trainingscenter

In collaboration with nxtControl GmbH and Certec, Csernohorszky installed a state-of-the-art building automation system for 140 offices and training rooms of a new training center. The system includes a room reservation application and visualization based on atvise. With that, any operator with the necessary rights has full control from every place at Austrian Airlines.

Bradley Landfill SCADA System

This project involved the integration of multiple existing LFG utilization and management operations into a single control system. Operations included three flare stations, LFG pressurization and cooling equipment to serve a 6 MW power plant, a condensate treatment system, and a 2,000 scfm compressor to serve an off-site power plant.

OII Landfill Control SCADA System

Project included the design and installation of an integrated control system in support of a 420 kW microturbine power plant and the associated fuel pretreatment system. Additionally, the control system incorporated existing site operations, including a 6,000 scfm flare station and a 20,000 GPD leachate plant.

SCADA Articles

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

ICS/SCADA experts say open-source network security monitoring software is a simple and cheap way to catch hackers targeting plant operations. Operators at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran might well have caught Stuxnet before it spread and sabotaged operations at the plant if they had been watching the wires for anomalous network traffic, a pair of ICS/SCADA experts say.

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Russian researchers have found vulnerabilities in industrial control systems that they say grant full control of systems running energy, chemical and transportation systems. The vulnerabilities were discovered by researchers who over the last year probed popular and high-end ICS and SCADA systems used to control everything from home solar panel installations to critical national infrastructure.

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

Annual threat report from Dell Security shows not only a significant surge in the number of attacks on retail credit card systems, but industrial SCADA systems as well, which are much more likely to go unreported.
For Dell to report an annual surge in point-of-sale (POS) attacks aimed at payment card infrastructures might not be such a surprise to people who pay any attention to the news.

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

Invensys is kicking off the conference “The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now” and underscoring the ‘revolution’ concept with the release of its Wonderware InTouch 2014 and Wonderware System Platform 2014 software.

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

The useful integration of video with industrial control systems has been a reality for a few years, but a burst of applications and installations is on the horizon. Cheaper bandwidth, wide availability of Internet protocol (IP) cameras, and greater familiarity with industrial Ethernet networks seem to be driving user interest. Basic video integration is just easier now, but good use of video takes some planning.

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