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Zenon on BMW

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Zenon on BMW

The BMW Group has chosen to use zenOn software solutions for their plants world-wide, with immediate effect. The reason for this long-term decision—zenOn has already proven its value in daily use and BMW are confident it could increase efficiency and productivity considerably across their plants. After an intensive evaluation of all leading HMI/SCADA systems, the BMW Group decided in favour of world-wide implementation of zenOn. The visualization solution of COPA-DATA GmbH has already successfully operated the surface technique accross the BMW Group for 5 years, with more than 1.500 installations. “This is another milestone in our successful business development. This long-term partnership reaffirms the trust earned by the European software house COPA-DATA.”, Jurgen Schredel, Managing Director of COPA-DATA GmbH from Ottobrunn explains.

For the operation of machinery, plant and handling equipment, BMW Group specifiy a B&R Windows CE platform. The various process visualisation options and important production data are particularly powerful here. Local operator terminals can be defined as network projects with a single mouse click, the high-capacity client / server architecture forming the basis for plant-wide use. zenOn’s. highly regarded seamless redundancy guarantees the highest possible availability.

Integrated sequence chain diagnostics provides the control status of a production sequence at a glance. In the case of a malfunction, zenOn also displays the graphical link status beside the predefined message text. Implemented heuristics ensure the user is automatically informed about the most probable reason, simplifying maintenance and improving equipment productivity considerably.


SCADA Projects

Powerful visualization for premium tire production at Pirelli Deutschland GmbH

Tires are high-tech products – that is particularly true for high and highest performance tires used in sports and race cars. Pirelli has been synonymous for quality and reliability in that specialist market segment for decades.

Pirelli developed the MIRS technology (Modular Integrated Robotized System) about 15 years ago, and implemented it in 2000.

Bio Fuel Project Using VTScada

Custom Controls Unlimited Inc. of Raleigh, North Carolina was invited to assist on a global warming initiate in their state. The waste-to-energy demonstration was developed through support from Duke Energy, Duke University, and Google with additional funding from state and federal grants. This unique application has received international interest. Cavanaugh & Associates, P.A.

Baltika Masters Brewing Automation with Invensys MES

Baltika Breweries is the largest beer producer in Russia with a 41 percent market share and a production capacity of 50 million hectoliters per year. The company maintains brewing sites throughout Russia as well as in Azerbaidjan.

Wireless Telemetry for oil field pumps, tank batteries and pipelines

CNW is a company owning oil pipelines, transfer pumps, oil wells and tank batteries in the Oklahoma City area. For several years they have used RFScada equipment at several stand alone locations which typically have a tank battery being supplied from remote pumps; the original RFScada equipment was primarily used to prevent tanks from overflowing.

Reclaimed Water Irrigation System

A reclaimed (reuse) irrigation system is utilized at a Golf Course Community for the purpose of residential lawn and golf course watering. The SCADA system we installed monitors and controls various processes. The system incorporates three (3) RTUs located at an Irrigation Pump Station, a Supplemental Well Pumping Station, and a Reclaimed Water Supply Station.

Zenon on BMW

The BMW Group has chosen to use zenOn software solutions for their plants world-wide, with immediate effect. The reason for this long-term decision—zenOn has already proven its value in daily use and BMW are confident it could increase efficiency and productivity considerably across their plants.

Stormwater System

Water restrictions, pollution control, volume balances, and the emergence of stormwater collection have lead to yet another use for SCADA Systems. The SCADA System we installed automates the pumping of collected stormwater from multiple pump stations to a storage location. The overall operation is similar to a sewer collection system.

Austrian Airlines Trainingscenter

In collaboration with nxtControl GmbH and Certec, Csernohorszky installed a state-of-the-art building automation system for 140 offices and training rooms of a new training center. The system includes a room reservation application and visualization based on atvise. With that, any operator with the necessary rights has full control from every place at Austrian Airlines.

Bradley Landfill SCADA System

This project involved the integration of multiple existing LFG utilization and management operations into a single control system. Operations included three flare stations, LFG pressurization and cooling equipment to serve a 6 MW power plant, a condensate treatment system, and a 2,000 scfm compressor to serve an off-site power plant.

OII Landfill Control SCADA System

Project included the design and installation of an integrated control system in support of a 420 kW microturbine power plant and the associated fuel pretreatment system. Additionally, the control system incorporated existing site operations, including a 6,000 scfm flare station and a 20,000 GPD leachate plant.

SCADA Articles

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

Using Free Tools To Detect Attacks On SCADA Networks

ICS/SCADA experts say open-source network security monitoring software is a simple and cheap way to catch hackers targeting plant operations. Operators at Natanz nuclear facility in Iran might well have caught Stuxnet before it spread and sabotaged operations at the plant if they had been watching the wires for anomalous network traffic, a pair of ICS/SCADA experts say.

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Hackers gain full control of critical SCADA systems

Russian researchers have found vulnerabilities in industrial control systems that they say grant full control of systems running energy, chemical and transportation systems. The vulnerabilities were discovered by researchers who over the last year probed popular and high-end ICS and SCADA systems used to control everything from home solar panel installations to critical national infrastructure.

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

SCADA Attacks Double in 2014

Annual threat report from Dell Security shows not only a significant surge in the number of attacks on retail credit card systems, but industrial SCADA systems as well, which are much more likely to go unreported.
For Dell to report an annual surge in point-of-sale (POS) attacks aimed at payment card infrastructures might not be such a surprise to people who pay any attention to the news.

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now

Invensys is kicking off the conference “The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now” and underscoring the ‘revolution’ concept with the release of its Wonderware InTouch 2014 and Wonderware System Platform 2014 software.

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

Integrating Video into HMI/SCADA

The useful integration of video with industrial control systems has been a reality for a few years, but a burst of applications and installations is on the horizon. Cheaper bandwidth, wide availability of Internet protocol (IP) cameras, and greater familiarity with industrial Ethernet networks seem to be driving user interest. Basic video integration is just easier now, but good use of video takes some planning.

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